Rakshika Thakor

Artist Statement - My memory of growing up in India & my love for nature are two of the greatest influences I draw upon during my creative process. My love of traveling around the world & my heritage from India have given me so much joy and continue to inspire me to explore new ways to share my experience with others. I am a Printmaker & Textile artist. My printmaking art involves, wood cut, linoleum cut, monotype, monoprint, etching, collograph, drypoint, aquatint. I also love to combine this different technique in one plate, making the image more interesting. For my textile art, I do silk scarves with mixed elements of tie-dye, brush painting & use my woodblocks & linoleum blocks design on my scarves. Recently I have also started doing block printing on pillow covers. I do all my own work and keep my editions small. Sometimes I don't generate editions because I love to explore printing one plate in many different ways, thus creating a new and unique print every time. Each print that I create is an original piece of art on 100% rag paper.

New Works